The most advanced YouTube bot for Commenting and Upvoting. All in one easy to use application that has powerful account and task management options. Comments and Upvotes are done using HTTP requests.

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Video Notification System

Allows you to add channels to monitor for new video uploads. You can also have it comment on the new videos automatically by setting a default comment task.

Private & Public Proxy Support

Fully supports both private and public HTTP/HTTPS proxies.


Powerful multi-threading support. Each task can have a set # of threads to use.

Awesome Tools

Comes with awesome tools & features like a video scraper, VNS, and the ability to easily manage and upvote posted comments anytime.

Login Challenge Support

All login methods support login challenges, and allow you to set recovery data (email or phone number). Also supports forced password changes and saves the new password.

Multi-Channel Support

Allows you to randomly change the channel used under the account before each action. This feature is optional.

Advanced Commenting

There are lots of things you can do when creating a comment task. Click the second image above for a sneak peek.


This feature allows you to specify a task to run on the results of the current one. For example, you can create separate comment and upvote tasks, then have the comments posted by the comment task upvoted by the upvote task .

Refund Policy: You may request a refund within 48-hours of purchasing.

Available now for $25 per month!

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